Season 2012/2013

 Match Report


Glen Durrant

Worcestershire v Cleveland

Cleveland are the Champions

Cleveland travelled to Worcestershire for the final game of the season with a big lead with only a total collapse stopping them winning the BICC Division3  title.

Cleveland travelled with a much depleted squad that tested the full range of the players available, however, the selectors put out a team that was still capable of doing a job.

Worcestershire were fighting a relation battle and they themselves had a full squad to play from and clearly seemed up for the challenge.

Statistics showed that the Worcestershire ladies were there for the taking not winning a game all season and with seasoned campaigner Jean Hagan (10.98) up first her experience would surely see her over the finishing line however, the atmosphere in the room was flat and Jean struggled throughout to give the hosts the start they needed.

Molly Pywell (LOM 12.54) won her sixth game of the season with another battling display to get Cleveland on the board.

Gail Carhart (15.28) lost a five leg battle that really inspired the home crowd who seemed to gain momentum from the win as the returning Margi Shannon (13.83) failed to register the point as the home team opened up an early gap.

Irene Simpson (11.00) kept up her unbeaten run, once again making a statement to why she was dropped from the team at the beginning of the season. Sharon Everett (13.71) had the responsibility to level up the scores but her impressive opponent took the spoils to leave Cleveland 4-2 behind.

Cleveland Men's B was unrecognisable from the team that started the season and many of the players were returning to the squad or making their debut.

With all these concerns one of the successes of the season Graeme Palmer (MOM 25.31) strolled to the oche for a very impressive opening match. He showed all the qualities required for the weekend.

Cleveland then went through their most difficult and frustrating two hours of the season as Craig 'Fluff' Evans (21.48) lost to his Match of the Match opponent.

Next up was former county youth player and in form Kyle Stanwick (21.48) who opened up his County career with a maximum 180 and raced into an impressive two nil lead however, missing doubles in legs three, four and five had the young man with his head in his hands,  though walking off the stage he kept his composure and is certainly one for the future.

Chris Swales (22.83) was involved in his usual 3-2 match this time struggling to hit a treble in the last leg after a tremendous fourth leg as the men really started to suffer.

Si Temple (21.14) also hit a maximum but once again that 3-2 scoreline came back to haunt the North East outfit with Temple looking devastated at the loss.

Crowd favourite Paul Quantrill (18.49) made a welcome return and if there is one player who feeds off the crowd it's the Lazenby player, he tried to rally the crowd but the away side did not play their part and 'Quanny' seemed to struggle after a fantastic first six darts.

Mac Chahal (19.56) who by his own high standards has had a poor county season but he is dedicated and always gives his team 100% but this was not enough as Worcestershire took a 6-1 lead.

Bri Henderson (22.92) had made an impact this season and punched the air with delight to take victory and give Cleveland some hope. The good feel factor did not last long as Rich Oliver (20.77) seemed to struggle against his slow opponent and Jimmy Dunlop (20.79) once again asked himself why he did not perform on the stage based on his current form to leave Cleveland in an uncommon position of being 12-4 down.

Word then got around that Sussex were leading 12 nil and thoughts of the total collapse crossed the mind.

Dave Hunter (24.36) saved his best performance of the season when most needed against a very competent opponent. Dave has all the attributes to be a long term A team player. 

Cleveland required a big finish and who better to put that responsibly on than the Gentleman of Cleveland darts,  a man that kept himself right all day and mixes his game with concentration, passion and dedication and all these factors meant that Paul Nicholson (21.25) won and only if he eradicated missed doubles from leg  3 he had a chance of another Man of the Match award.


After another great night that seemed to bond the squad together the whole demeanour of the players looked different and a sense that a Championship performance was on the cards. Mental arithmetic was on the agenda with information reaching us that Cleveland required 3 points for the title.

Winning 9 out of 9 is the biggest accolade a player can achieve and a special moment when it happens. Shirley Witten (20.88) has been a terrific servant to her County and played an enormous part in the success of this season and every player rose to their feet when she hit that winning double for the perfect season and an invitation to the World Qualifier and World Masters.

Tracy Marran (13.37) looked in great form leading the first leg by 300 but missed doubles seemed to drain the belief out of her game as her opponent grew further in confidence to level the scores.

Claire Stainsby (LOM 22.43) has the ammunition to reach the upper echelon of the game as she fired the guns for another stunning performance and at one point was looking at a real special average and this seemed to lift both the home and away crowd.

Carla Boyes (16.44) was feeling unwell prior to her game and seemed to struggle throughout. Carla has the talent but now needs to work on what makes her at her best - That comes with experience and she must look back on this season as a success as she is the future of Cleveland darts and comeback stronger next season.

Pat J Smith (18.16) has pretty much had the best player of every match we have played this season but once again put on an excellent display against the talented Zoe Jones, but this time just coming up short.

Marlene Huby (12.66) was involved in a tense match and it was fitting that the popular player gained the point that won the title as word reached us of scores elsewhere. Marlene has given her all in every game she has been involved and her reaction on the winning double was priceless.

The only thing to play for now was the Men's A Title and with 3 points required a team meeting was called to remove any thought of complacency and for every player to give their all for their own individual point.

Scott Chatterton (23.41) has been a revelation this season and seems so much at home in the A team and without the support he received from Tony Eccles he could have so easily been dropped at the early part of the campaign but his Captain saw something in him and he has repaid that faith with a stunning last 6 months - Couldn't happen to a nicer guy who finished off in style with a 103 finish.

Collin Foxton (23.77) was up against a top player with 'Foxy' unable to stay on his tail and failed to register the point.

Allan Edwards (27.28) is never involved in boring games and was against was involved in a high scoring match hitting two maximums in a 3-1 win.

Just prior to the start the award for the Managers Player of the Season took place. The short-list included Molly Pywell/Shirley Witten/Graeme Palmer but it was the Demolition Man Terry Agar that took the spoils and a clear demonstration of how tight the Cleveland squad as every player stood up and cheered as if we had won the title - That is how popular the Big Man is. Terry (23.94) gave 100% against Worcestershire best player Tony Randall but fell short.

Next up was an emotional Glen Durrant (MOM 30.93) playing his final game before his new adventure at Yorkshire - He kissed his shirt to finish with a 30+ average that included two maximums but more importantly securing the Men's Divisional award.

Peter Frewer (23.48) fed off the emotion in the room as he showed pure delight in victory - Last year's player of the season just seems to be getting better and better each time he represents his county.

Player of the weekend Bri Henderson (21.51) made it 2 wins out of 2 replacing the late withdrawal from Peter Maw again roaring with delight at the winning double. The mood in the camp was fantastic in contrast to the flat atmosphere the day prior.

Glenn Brooksbank (23.34) is usually just an automatic win but something was not right in his game and just fell short. Always the first name on the sheet he will return next season and do his county proud.

Si Craven (23.48) made a late dash to the venue being only 50/50 the day before and the team always looks stronger with him in it and he played his ex-PDC foe Dave Honey who wore the most amazing belt that I think was borrowed off Jimmy Dunlop. Craven sailed to victory 

Cleveland were flying at this moment and Rich Corner (29.47) looked superb with another victory that was just shy of the Man of the Match. Corner if he chose could play at a higher level and would look at home on any World Stage 

Tony Eccles (27.06) was involved in a 5 leg fight. Cream always rises to the top and a superb last leg gained the point required. Agonisingly Eccles lost out on the Divisional overall average title by a margin of one dart. 

Remarkably Cleveland were now in a position to draw the overall match with the score at 18-17 as the returning Rich Parkin (20.84) had the opportunity to confirm Cleveland's best fightback for many years - In reality he was never in the game as his Man of the Match 30 average opponent had other ideas for a routine win.


On a personal note I would like to thank Cleveland darts for the opportunity - To represent my Country has been an incredible feeling with the World Cup being the icing on the cake and I know that John Peoples has championed my name for many years. I do feel a little selfish in leaving with Cleveland on the up but I just want that Premiership buzz each month. The card was superb and I read every message. I will always be a Cleveland player and Yorkshire are just adopting me it could turn out to be a disaster and I could come running back the season after.(If you will have me back). Thank You and the all the very best for next season. 

Glen Durrant

Cleveland  v  Montgomery & Radnor

Cleveland leave it late to seal another home win

Cleveland kept their proud unbeaten home record intact after a stunning finish from the strong Men's A team against a tidy Montgomery & Radnor outfit.

Cleveland last tasted defeat at home on the 24/25th April 2010 that mostly boils down to the fantastic atmosphere created at the home games. However, on this occasion there was a real hush about the place on Saturday that seemed to affect the hosts.

Sharon Everett (14.04) was given the task of setting Cleveland off for another successful weekend though was up against a competent first player who took the match and an early lead though Cleveland did not have to wait long to get on the board as Lady of the Match Marlene Huby (15.22) put together a great performance.

Cleveland then had their first stutter of the weekend as both Jean Hagan (14.29) and Molly Pywell (11.27) agonisingly lost by a 2-3 scoreline. Both players have been in terrific form this season and it was a real blow 

Irene Simpson (12.70) made it two wins out of two to answer her claims of why she was not chosen at the beginning of the season. Hopes were still high as Gail Carhart (17.25) got to the oche but her inspired opponent took the honours to give the welsh squad an early lead.

Cleveland Men's B proudly sat at the top of the divisional points against the M&R Men's B who languished at the foot of the table so any betting man would have given excellent odds on a big win for Cleveland.

Matt Kelly (17.92) has not shown his Super League form on the county stage though he must look at this as excellent experience for upcoming seasons and on this occasion lost 1-3 as the away team sensed weakness. 

Cleveland stayed strong as one of the big plusses of this season Graeme Palmer (23.63) powerfully levelled the score. Paul Nicholson (22.71) was looking to erase his woeful performance the previous match and only a wire separated him from victory after missing a 150 finish. On the plus side he showed real fight and determination that augurs well for his future.

Terry Agar (24.24) sealed a place in the A team with the conclusion being a very memorable weekend for the Demolition Man with a great win to once again draw level.

Jimmy Dunlop (24.94) had the highest average for the Cleveland Men but it was not enough for victory as his opponent did a double over the Billingham man after beating him last season, an 80 finish from the Welsh player with Dunlop sat pretty being the decisive blow.

Once again the hosts come back fighting and I am so pleased to see the current form of Chris Swales (21.78) he whitewashed his opponent also sealing the highest finish of the weekend with a 131 checkout.

Peter Maw (19.97) opened up proceedings with a maximum 180 but ended up hanging on for dear life just getting over the line for a tight win and put Cleveland Men in front.

Montgomery & Radnor's lowly position beggared belief as they took control of the game once more as Mac Chahal (19.04) had another disappointing 2-3 loss and Bri Henderson (22.88) was brushed aside

Home side needed a strong finish to give the A team something to fight for and Rich Oliver (24.82) did exactly that with a superb Man of the Match win 

Dave Hunter (21.43) despite starting off very slowly finished the game like a top player he is to put the top of the table county back in front.

John Moore (19.73) was making his third appearance and each time has been drawn out 11th or Last and he once again struggled on the stage as M&R took the final game.


Cleveland have not used too many players this season and their choice of having a small squad seemed to be backfiring this match as so many players made themselves unavailable meaning that Terry Agar and Marlene Huby were promoted to their respected A teams

Captain Tony Eccles rallied the team with a team talk that was given to raise spirits on what seemed a deflated venue.

Tracy Marran (12.56) missed crucial doubles in leg three as her opponent grabbed the opportunity to set M&R off and running

Carla Boyes (15.24) levelled the score as the teenager celebrated her 19th birthday in style.

Claire Stainsby (25.47) was immense in a performance that included a maximum to give the home crowd something to really shout about. The performance was rewarded with the Ladies divisional performance of the weekend.

Marlene Huby (16.81) played well but it's a big step up from the B team but Marlene has the game to match them this time losing 1-3.

Pat J Smith (17.08) has had some tough draws this season and this match paired up against the Division 3 top player. Pat dug deep and had a dart to the take the lead before her opponent took control.

Who better to have on last to salvage another draw but Captain Shirley Witten (16.70) who not at her best still won the match 3-0.

In my opinion the whole weekend changed when Simon Craven (28.28) played his match as he snarled and screamed at every double and 180 he hit, you could argue it was a performance of old and really engaged the healthy crowd in a game that seemed to inspire the whole squad - He got my vote for the player of the weekend.

Peter Frewer (25.65) could argue he was player of the weekend to come back from 2 nil down to beat Jim Williams the Scottish Open runner up and unbeaten this county season. It was difficult to take the smile off Peter's face the rest of the day

Cleveland were now flying as Rich Corner (26.37) beat another Welsh International Scott Docherty hot on the heels of beating Welsh Skipper Martin Philips a few matches back.

A nervous looking Barry Davies (23.48) walked to the oche with a reputation of saving his best darts for the B Team - The selectors had real faith in Barry and this was justified with a clinical 3 nil victory.

Cleveland were flying as Terry Agar (27.81) was sublime for his second victory of the weekend but the lasting memory was the emotion shown from Agar for his first A Team win in five attempts.

The ever dependable Mick Evans (22.59) was up next as M&R demonstrated that the weekend was not over for them as they took their first point before the Welsh quickly made it two as the crowd were stunned to see Allan Edwards (25.86) lose a match at home that coincided with the last time Cleveland lost at home - 25th April 2010 - Cleveland at this point hoped that this was not an unlucky omen.

Collin Foxton (22.95) was looking for victory after what has been for him and his high standards a poor season with lack of form and illness - However, cometh the man and all that he punched the air with delight to get the home side back up and running.

Any team in the country would have Glenn Brooksbank (26.81) in their midst. He rarely get the headlines though rarely disappoints. A class act both on and off the oche and another big victory to put Cleveland one win from overall victory.

Glen Durrant (30.58) secured the bonus point and the Man of the Match much to the delight of the home crowd. 

Scott Chatterton (23.75) was up against the third Welsh International of the day this time coming off second best in a tight encounter.

Anchor man Tony Eccles (27.71) looked in great nick to take the opener but his 30+ average opponent had different ideas with score after score over one hundred and a bull finish to suit to end the weekend on a downer though the bigger picture is the priority.

Cleveland are now 28 points clear of second place Sussex though Leicestershire are 46 points behind with a game in hand going into the last game of the season.

If Cleveland go to Worcestershire and do a professional job promotion is almost a certainty however the North East team want to be champions - Let's hope the Fancy Dress idea does not deflect the real importance of the weekend. (Just my opinion of course Liz .... X)


Cleveland  v  Shropshire

Cleveland maintain the Top Spot

At 5pm on Sunday 24th March 2013 it was confirmed that Cleveland were once again 29 points clear and at the top of all four sections - I looked around at the fantastic venue we have and a set up that rivals any other in the country. Being top of all 4 sections proves that Cleveland is all about teamwork now and not individuals. The Ladies have been a credit this season not only on the oche but the atmosphere they create with their Teesside Vuvuzelas or as we call it in Cleveland Plastic trumpets, horns and bells. If only we could turn back the clock to the game when Isle of Wight demolished us to leave Cleveland bottom of Division 4 and too be fair it was not that long ago.

Cleveland secured another big home win to move ever closer to the third division championship.

Marlene Huby (14.24) opened up the proceedings but lost to her lady of the match Shropshire opponent.

3-2 scorelines have been an Achilles heel for Cleveland over the years especially when we were languishing at the bottom of Division 4 but when you are top of the league the breaks seem to go your way and this was proven when Jean Hagan (LOM 15.53) a late replacement for the injured Sharon Everett took the Lady of the Match award winning a tight last leg against a tough opponent. Gail Carhart (14.42) remains unbeaten in the B team to put the hosts in the lead for the first time.

Liz Knowles (11.78) made a welcome winning return to the team but by her own admission was delighted with the win but doubles spoilt a very competitive average. Liz has been a real credit to this county behind the scenes this season and deserves all the success in the future. 

Molly Pywell (13.81) is playing with a real freedom and enjoying her game more than ever and her results are proving this with another win, the highlight being a 73 check out.

Irene Simpson (14.13) was making her debut for the year and was involved in the fourth 3-2 match of the day with Cleveland winning them all as Irene dug deep to secure a great win and a tremendous 5-1 win that once again set the foundations for another great weekend.

Mac Chahal (23.75) was a late replacement after Dennis Clarkson pulled out last minute. Mac was not the unanimous choice to be reserve but Chahal has been the best B team player for the past 10 years and grabbed the opportunity with both hands in another hard fought 5 leg match.

Shropshire showed some fight as Bri Henderson (22.76) included a maximum in his game but fell short to his impressive opponent. Peter Maw (21.30) was dropped into the B team but what a player to have and I am sure a few wins and he will be back where he belongs in the A team and he never really got out of third gear for a clear win. Glenn Moody (20.57) is not in the form of his Lakeside season but he continues to battle for his sixth win out of seven this season.

Cleveland had a little wobble as Matt Kelly (18.88) could not capitilise on his first win of the season last match and was disappointing in defeat. Rich Oliver (22.80) fired his bullets but also came up short to leave the men level at 3-3

Chris Swales (24.41) put together his best win in a Cleveland shirt to put the home side back in front. I said previously that Swales had no luck in his early matches and just needed a few wins and I am sure he will now kick on from here.

Terry Agar (24.41) the unofficial captain of the B team and the guy most players look up to on a Saturday had a frustrating end to a pulsating game missing 8 darts for the match in a game of high scoring and another maximum from Agar.

Man of the Match from the last game strode to the oche and pretty much summed up the game of darts as Paul Nicholson (15.73) struggled with every dart wondering what happened to the form from last month. Paul is a great guy and he will analyse what happened and come back fighting.

This seemed to invigorate the away team as they took control of the match as their Man of the Match player hit a 30.67 against a shell -shocked Graeme Palmer (23.94) 

Cleveland had a very strong tail and this proved to the case as Barry Davies (23.64) chipped out on two double eights after blocking the 32 bed.

The hosts saved the best till last as Man of the Match Dave Hunter (24.74) won a real epic to secure a hard-fought draw 


Cleveland now approach every Sunday with hopes and expectations high with a strong Ladies A team prepared for the battle and Claire Stainsby (LOM 20.04) gave the league leaders the perfect start with a Lady of the Match performance that also included 21 missed darts at a double.

This seemed to spur on Tracy Marran (14.42) who won a tight 3-2 match and it's great to see Tracy back winning games in the A team.

Marie Bulmer (14.29) was always going to be up against it against a very strong Shropshire number 1 player but with Marie in form she expected to win but failed to take her doubles in particular leg 2.

Pat J Smith (14.94) never gets the headlines but another superb win at the right time gave momentum to the Ladies and Carla Boyes (15.94) duly despatched her opponent as the teenager just continues to make her mark in the game and more importantly the enjoyment she has on the stage as she begins to show real maturity.

Shirley Witten (19.52) put together another Captains performance to win 3-0 and secure a sensational 5-1 win that meant Cleveland Ladies won 10-2 over the weekend.

Well done Girls !!

Men's A opened up with Scott Chatterton (25.96) and there is no better sight than him in full flow and with two maximums to boot the popular Redcar man set the benchmark for Cleveland to follow

Mick Evans (24.46) could not match his opponent who had the perfect weekend after his Man of the Match performance the day before.

Collin Foxton (23.37) was cheered onto the stage as the Team Manager was celebrating his 100th cap but the Champagne remained on ice as his Scottish International opponent spoilt the party.

Allan Edwards (27.07) is never involved in a routine win and this was no exception as he was involved in another five leg classic this time nailing his winning double and a man of the match award as his punched the air with delight.

The next match brought together the two powerhouses from each county as Tony Eccles (26.84) and Andy Roberts put on the line their unbeaten county wins - The game in fairness did not live up to expectations as Eccles was rarely troubled in a 3-0 win.

Simon Craven (26.14) at last brought his A game to the stage for a great win to put Cleveland in firm control. Selectors always believed in Simon a real class player.

Glen Durrant (29.21) opened up with 15 and 14 dart legs to lead 2 nil but then started thinking about what Fancy Dress suit he is wearing for the next away match and ended up losing 3-2. In all seriousness his young opponent was inspired and fully justified the win.

Cleveland did not let their heads drop as Glenn Brooksbank (24.49) ignored his hiccup from the last match to get back into his winning routine before his Thirsk teammate Rich Corner (22.10) cruised to a whitewash game after what was a very low scoring first leg.

Ken Dobson (25.99) bravely won another 3-2 cracker with darts definitely not his priority on the day to give Cleveland a 7-3 lead.

Cleveland frustratingly lost the final two games as Paul Brough (21.17) and Peter Frewer (22.55) not able to match their own high expectations.

FULL TIME Cleveland 26 Shropshire 13

In conclusion it was another stunning home win with Sussex matching the score to leave us 29 clear and 39 clear of Leicestershire who have one game in hand

Buckinghamshire v Cleveland

Cleveland Extend lead at the Top

A buoyant Cleveland squad riding a crest of a wave travelled to Buckinghamshire looking to cement their lead at the top of Division 3

Jackie Storey (11.64) and Jean Hagan (12.53) had the task of getting the travelling team off to a good start but it was Buckingham who were quickly out of the blocks to take a 2 nil lead.Cleveland basked in the glory and took early control when Marlene Huby (14.15) secured the first point of the day with an exciting hard fought win. The picture was looking bleak as Molly Pywell (15.29) missed six at a double in leg one before the Bucks player took the next but an early indication that it could be the leaders weekend when Pywell staged and excellent fight back to win the match and even the scores.Gail Carhart (LOM 16.71) again looked more comfortable playing on the Saturday to register another win giving Sharon Everett (10.29) the chance to take the spoils for the ladies and that's exactly what she did in a game that will be remembered for missed doubles in the opener but it was a fantastic point for Cleveland a solid foundation for the weekend.

The Men's B had a hint of inexperience therefore a welcome return to the fold for Mac Chahal with the late withdrawal of Rich Parkin.Dave Hunter (21.56) had a dart at double 16 to win the match 3-1 but his opponent took full advantage to stage an early fight-back and this was confirmed when Chahal (23.43) failed to win on his return.Chris Swales (18.02) was looking for his first win of the season and just needed that  bit of luck as once again he got involved in another 5 leg match but this time came out on top. Jimmy Dunlop (17.78) swaggered to the oche looking full of confidence after a cracking Super League match the week before. It all went pear shaped for the popular Billingham player who was simply not at the races and cursed missed doubles to win the contest.Graeme Palmer (20.91) has been a great acquisition to the squad with a mixture of power scoring and dead eye finishing but he also lacked the potency of his previous matches and disappointingly surrendered his unbeaten B Team run. Terry Agar (25.59) was up next and hopes were high for a Cleveland victory but he came up against an inspired home player leaving Cleveland 5-1 down and in trouble.Glenn Moody (22.26) stopped the rot even though this game went the full distance with the Cleveland crowd throwing every dart in the last leg for the former Lakeside representative with two maximums being the real difference. Paul Nicholson (MOM 23.48) got the vote for the male player of the weekend with his best performance in a Cleveland shirt with a whitewash victory and a 145 finish to boot. Matt Kelly (20.38) seemed to lack real stage presence as his opponent snarled and stalked him on the oche but a stunning fourth leg finish set about another 5 leg climax. Matt was unable to hit a score over 45 and the home player was on a double when Matt required 300+. The home player missed double after double before the Cleveland new boy hit a maximum. Any darts player will have experienced a game like this as Matt had one dart at a double to win and duly despatched the finish before showing his first bit of emotion on the oche.This could have knocked the stuffing out of Bucks but they quickly rallied as Si Temple (23.03) played well on his debut bit still lost 3-0. Dennis Clarkson (18.63) added to the tension with another gruelling 5 leg match but showed bottle to deliver another point. Bri Henderson (21.79) proved to be an excellent anchor man as he demonstrated real passion and commitment to level up the men's score with his average not justifying the way he played


A quick mention of the real camaraderie within the Cleveland squad after a superb Saturday night with most of the team meeting in a pub for a Boro Boys exhibition though the real talent lies with a karaoke machine ... cough. A great nightBucks had a great Ladies team awaiting but Cleveland can now stand toe-to-toe with any team and hopes were high as Marie Bulmer (15.44) smacked in a 180 in the first leg but its doubles for dough and this proved to be the difference as Bucks started quickly before it was a case of de ja vue as Bucks made it a double though it must be said how well Pat J Smith (18.62) played and only the dreaded missed doubles in particular double 2 cost a winning 20+ winning average. Cleveland don't panic now,  with all players cheering on a nervous looking Carla Boyes (15.83) who is lapping up the experience she is gaining in the senior squad and she will once again benefit greatly being involved in a ding-dong five leg battle especially after sinking the winning double. Shirley Witten (19.96) is just Captain Marvellous in my humble opinion and demonstrated her talents for another routine victory to level up the scores before getting back to her seat to shout on her other team-mates Tracy Marran (18.00) had the unenvied task of playing World Ranked and recent Jersey Open Champion Fallon Sherrock but Tracy had darts in the two of the three  legs but must have been pleased with her form which augurs well for the remainder of the seasonClaire Stainsby (LOM 20.07) was involved in a game of screaming and fist pumping as she seemed to feed off her opponent celebrating her 2 nil lead and each leg Stainsby won she screamed at the board as both sporting players wrapped their arms around each other after the Cleveland player sank the final dart in a double for a great win and level the scores for the A Team ladies.

In a similar situation as last month the Cleveland A Men needed a draw for overall victory.

Glen Durrant (30.94) had the task of going on first fresh from his 6 Nations experience playing against Bucks Number 1 player who duly took the opener in 14 darts but Durrant hit two maximums for an excellent 3-1 with the Bucks player losing with a 29+ average. You can write the storyline for the next player before he steps on the oche as once again Mick Evans (24.87) won another five leg cracker at times being on the ropes but always comes out on top in thrilling games,

This seemed to spur on Ken Dobson (23.74) who was up against another Top Dog of Bucks and his pace might have affected Dobo in previous years.   Dobson fought out another five leg win to give Cleveland a 3-0 lead that soon become four as the century man Rich Corner (25.70) must light work of his in form opponent.  Corner is just one of those reliable players who very rarely gets the headlines but is a terrific stalwart for Cleveland County.

Peter Maw (22.26) has lost  few matches on the bounce and you could see his will to win but just came up short for the frustrated Billingham man. The 5 leg matches continued with probably the game of the day as Allan Edwards (26.11) was involved in a classic as his opponent was sat pretty with Edwards requiring 60 of which he despatched in typical style.

Scott Chatterton (23.74) was back to earth with a bump after his recent successes knowing now he has to get back to the practise board and reach the heights he can. Mr Cleveland Simon Craven (21.55) was up next and put on one of his most disappointing displays in his 150 cap history. However, the team are right behind him and know exactly what he is capable of.  Cleveland were now in a mini slump still requiring another point for overall victory as Peter Frewer (23.15) lost to his MOM opponent,Never fear Boughie is here was the chant as Paul Brough (25.47) secured the win over Teenage star of the 1980s Mark Day as Cleveland celebrated another overall  win.Men's A were still wanting the remaining two points as Tony Eccles (MOM 31.29) fresh from his Tyne & Wear Open win delivered one of his countless Man of the Match performances checking out on 88 for a stunning victory proving his current excellent form.Glenn Brooksbank (22.17) is always a player to rely on though on this occasion he did not reach the heights he is capable of and lost his match 1-3.


Cleveland have two home games coming up and look the bookies favourite for promotion

Cleveland  v  Gwynedd

Cleveland stun Gwynedd to avenge heavy defeat

Twelve months previous Cleveland were riding high until they visited our friends in Gwynedd and took an almighty beating. Cleveland however, are a different proposition at home and they wanted to erase the defeat last month at Sussex

Gail Carhart (LOM 17.69) was dropped into the B team and quickly proved she is one of Cleveland best to get the home side off to a great start. Unfortunately the next four players failed to replicate her form though three of the four players lost in last leg deciders at Jean Hagan (14.58), Sharon Everett (14.37) and Marlene Huby (14.11) all frustratingly lost over the five legs, sandwiched in between was a welcome return of Jackie Storey (14.99) who lost to an inspired Gwynedd Lady of the Match. Cleveland were desperate to finish on a high and Molly Pywell (17.08) provided exactly that whitewashing her opponent and just missing out on the LOM award'

Cleveland Men's B needed a quick fire start and that was exactly what the home crowd got as Rich Oliver (20.04) puffed out his cheeks with relief to win over five legs. One of the successes of the season Graeme Palmer (24.62) levelled the overall score with another demonstration of high scoring and top class finishing. Luck seemed to be on the side of Cleveland again as Dave Hunter (20.27) battled his way to another tight five leg match.

Chris Swales (21.67) was another returning player after a late call up for the poorly Simon Craven but another hard luck story prevailed for the likable Northallerton man though he must take comfort in Scott Chatterton who had a very similar start to his Cleveland career losing many 3-2 matches.

Rich Parkin (23.93) overcome a very poor first leg to beat the experienced Bobby Harmes who has played at the highest level.   Everything was going well for the hosts as Man of the Match Terry Agar (25.16) looks so much at home playing on a Saturday much to the delight of the big crowd. Glenn Moody (23.12) quickly got over his Sussex blip to give Cleveland a commanding 6-1 lead in the men's and an overall lead,

Gwynedd have strength in depth and showed real fight an determination. Andy Huskinson (20.07) could not win on his birthday before Bri Henderson (23.34) lost another five leg cracker.  Dennis Clarkson (21.52) was also involved in a real tussle but just held on to guarantee a Men's B team win though the Welsh outfit had the last say with two big wins against debutant Matt Kelly (21.91) and Jimmy Dunlop (22.35)


If truth were to be told concerns about the Gwynedd ladies was a topic of conversation as last season the Welsh ladies whitewashed our Cleveland team.

However, as stated previously Cleveland are a very tough team to beat when at home and the next two hours proved it as Cleveland sealed a famous Ladies win 

Carla Boyes (17.01) has become the darling of Cleveland ladies darts this season winning the Cleveland Open and two stunning opening wins for the senior squad. On this occasion she was involved in a ding dong battle against a great opponent and sadly lost in a match that went the full distance but at this stage of her career she must learn from the match and move on.

Claire Stainsby (19.52) secured the first point of the day in another quality performance. Shirley Witten (21.49) then arrived to the oche and gave another stunning demonstration of quality darts as Shirley and Claire continue to trade Lady of the Match performances - They seem to feed and inspire each other to big wins month after month.

Tracy Marran (12.42) has been in good form of late and this was rewarded with a return to the A team though she did not showcase her talent to her high standards as Gwynedd evened up the match.

Player of the weekend Pat J Smith (15.99) had the unenvied job of facing a Welsh International who to be fair struggled with her doubles though Pat continued playing her own game to secure a famous win.

Marie Bulmer (12.53) showed moments of real quality as a more optimistic and determined Marie strode up to the stage and looked a different player to previously and only missed doubles being the only criticism of her performance though Marie punched the air with delight for a superb win for the ladies.

The situation was clear, if the Men's A could draw their match Cleveland would take the spoils and the much needed bonus points.

The away team set out their stall very quickly as Peter Maw (22.65) was unable to match the scoring power of his opponent though six missed darts in the first leg seemed to dictate the rest of the match.

Celebrating his 100th Cap Rich Corner (29.13) was rewarded with a match against Welsh International Captain Martin Philips. Corner was simply breathtaking with two maximums and a 106 checkout to celebrate the century with his best win.

Captain Tony Eccles (MOM 31.31) just seemed to feed off Corner as he matched him with two maximums and this time a 130 finish for a thrilling win. Also celebrating his 100th cap Glenn Brooksbank (25.03) was up next and at one point looked to be overshadowing both Corner and Eccles but agonisingly missed doubles in leg three put pay to another 30+ average but still put Cleveland in a very strong position

Peter Frewer (27.70) summed up the atmosphere in the room as the home side looked set to run riot with another big performance and huge average. Allan Edwards(29.47) concluded the best 60 minutes of Cleveland darts for many years with finishes of 142,123 and 89 and to put this in perspective his opponent had a 31.27 average and never won a leg !

Paul Brough (20.63) put the Men 6-1 up to guarantee at least a draw with a tough highly fight out win. It was fitting that the man of the moment Scott Chatterton (25.42) sealed the overall win finishing off in style with a 121 finish for the player unrecognisable for the player of last season and the beginning of this. 

Collin Foxton would have been next up, however, our Team Manager was rushed to hospital the night before therefore Graeme Palmer (24.50) made his A team debut and certainly did not disgrace himself in defeat and will have benefitted greatly from the experience.

Glen Durrant (25.47) put Cleveland Men up 8-2 with a routine victory though was hoping to match the averages of the top players on the day. Mick Evans (28.12) put together an outstanding display as the popular Hartlepool player saves his best darts when representing his county much to the delight of the healthy crowd who were witnessing something very special.

Kenny Dobson (28.56) was involved in another classic. This time missed darts at tops and tens in leg four cost him though credit must be given to his Man of the Match opponent but this did not dampen the mood in the Cleveland camp as the Men had a ream average of 26.50.


Get Well soon messages where read out for Foxton and Paul Skelton 

Cleveland remain top of the league and move on to an away game at Buckinghamshire next month

Sussex v Cleveland

Some people would say Mad, Stupid or Crazy but the optimist would say Dedicated, Committed and devoted.

These were terms used as Cleveland set off on the long trek to Sussex with Snow storms on route and a non favourable forecast as many of the counties cancelled their games.

Cleveland arrived and success is built on sound foundations and the Cleveland B Ladies have been outstanding this year and not too many concerns showed as Margie Shannon (10.68) and Jean Hagan (13.92) both lost.

Cleveland early fightback was soon in force as Sharon Everett (12.83) set the Cleveland ball rolling and that seemed to kick-start the others as the impressive Tracy Marran (15.66) drew the sides level. Molly Pywell (15.82) seems to be enjoying her darts more than ever without any real pressure and whitewashed her opponent. 

Carla Boyes (LOM 22.04) is the early candidate for the player of the season and she stunned the room with an early 14 darter and only missed doubles in the last leg stopped a huge average. Carla is a breath of fresh air to the Cleveland squad and long may that continue

Sussex Men looked focused and set out of the traps like a greyhound as Bri Henderson (23.08), Rich Parkin (23.49), Mac Chahal (18.79) all lost to leave Sussex in the lead overall.

Andy Huskinson (22.79) raced into a two leg lead only to be pegged back to give Sussex real momentum. Dave Hunter (24.46) played well but lost a tight match as Sussex looked to race away with the match

County darts can change with a game of real inspiration and to watch Scott Chatterton (MOM 27.30) play the darts the selectors believed he could play seemed to change the whole atmosphere in the Cleveland camp. However, one of Cleveland Top Dogs Glenn Moody (21.68) was not at his best to put Sussex back in a commanding position.

Cleveland had to finish well and that is exactly what happended as Rich Oliver (21.68) won a tight 5 leg match before Graeme Palmer (24.01) checked out immaculately and similar to Carla Boyes has had a massive impact on the men’s team.

Jimmy Dunlop (23.86) has looked a different beast this year and beginning show real belief in his game producing a superb performance to put Cleveland back in the match.

John Moore (20.09) has had no luck with the draw being on 11th and 12th – John has struggled both matches with the late draw

Terry Agar (27.16) is always the man to rely on in the B Team and drew the teams level and on reflection Cleveland seemed to be the happier of the two teams as Saturday concluded


Sunday started and so did the snow and the sensible players from the Saturday set off early but this seemed to have an effect on the A team as the atmosphere seemed really flat. 

Marie Bulmer (13.06) soon warmed the cockles with a tight 5 leg match with the early start not being easy for both players. Pat J Smith (16.90) played well but was on the losing end. Gail Carhart (18.52) looked in great form but that elusive double cost her as Susses took the lead.

Claire Stainsby (18.69) scoring power was immense but her doubles let her down badly though was still a comfortable winner.  Shirley Witten (LOM 20.06) the superlatives have been written about our Team Manager so often as she secured another Lady of the Match award. Shirley has been a terrific servant and the players appreciate all her efforts. Marlene Huby (14.38) gave 100% as she does each match but on this occasion fell short to once again leave the match all square

The A Team Men suffered late drop outs as the in-form Ken Dobson was ill and Simon Craven pulled out last minute but this gave Chatterton and Agar the chance to shine.

Unbeaten Peter Frewer (20.92) lost that record for an unusual poor performance. Next up was Glen Durrant (29.34) who lost to prove that averages mean nothing gaining the highest average of the weekend but not winning the point required. 

Again, Cleveland need inspiration and up-stepped Chatterton (MOM 28.36) who had the weekend of his dream to secure the point and a double Man-of-the Match award demonstrating his local league and Super League form at last. Paul Brough (25.00) fights his way through every game and each dart he gives 100% concentration and won a real tough five leg match to draw the match level

It was Nip and Tuck all weekend but Cleveland turned the screw as Captain Tony Eccles (27.25) was another tough 5 leg match and with the dependable Glenn Brooksbank (26.06) securing another fine win Cleveland looked in control for the win.

Mick Evans (24.64) put Cleveland within touching distance of the win as the Hartlepool players really did their jobs with five matches remaining.

With the calibre of players to come nobody ion the room would have gambled on Sussex winning the next 5 match to seal the win but unfortunately for Cleveland that is exactly what happened as Collin Foxton (25.17) Peter Maw (20.80) both lost with the latter losing by that leg shootout.

Rich Corner (28.44) dominated his match and come off scratching his head as he failed to sink the winning double. Allan Edwards (25.20) lost his second game of the season again by that 5 leg scoreline.

An Inspired Sussex player secured the win as Terry Agar (23.82) was unable to win that final point of the weekend

Cleveland remain top of the league but with so many cancellations the table does not show the true picture. But with 3 home games still to come expectations are still high in the camp for promotion to Division 2


Cleveland v Middlesex

Cleveland go from Strength to Strength

Cleveland County finished 2012 on a real high with a stunning 29-10 home win against Middlesex

Cleveland are playing at a new venue and it was looking in tip top shape with a set up that rivals any county in the country and this has took many years with a dedicated committee that has built up a healthy bank balance and with a youth set up that rivals our Northern counterparts the future looks bright for Cleveland

Experienced Jean Hagan (14.65) set the ball rolling with an opening win before Molly Pywell (14.87) just missed out in a match that went the full five legs.

Debutant Carla Boyes (LOM 19.45) is the classic example of investing in youth as she looked totally at home on the senior stage that not only cemented the Lady of the Match award but also the highest average of the weekend.

Margie Shannon (14.25) had the difficult job of following Carla and ended up giving 100% but losing 1-3.  Sharon Everett (13.52) was not feeling her best and it seemed to show on the oche as the much improve player missed out also by the 1-3 scoreline.  Tracy Marran (13.54) made it 3 wins out of 3 this term to leave the scoreline level at 3 games each

The build up to the match was difficult for Cleveland as established players and characters were no longer available for the county and will be missed but Cleveland do have strength in depth and this showed throughout the day.

Dave Hunter (23.64) won by a 3-2 scoreline that once again set the team off in the right direction, however, Scott Chatterton was sat afterwards wondering what he has to do to win a match this season this time losing with a 27.03 average.

Cleveland then hit a purple patch that would ultimately set up the hosts for a big weekend win as Terry Agar (22.96) won 3-2, debutant Graham Palmer (24.02) showed everyone that he has the tools to be a success at this level, Glen Moody (MOM 26.95) has become a real asset in his return to the squad. Rich Oliver (22.10) was a quickfire winner as the youth player settles more and more on the stage. Andy Huskinson (17.61) won after being behind 0-2 in the match. Jimmy Dunlop (18.69) making a welcome return also won by that 3-2 scoreline before Bri Henderson (22.64) made it 8-1 to the men by .... you guessed it 3-2.

It had already been a long day with so many 5 leg matches the last 3 matches all went the full distance as Mac Chahal became the first Cleveland player to lose the last leg shootout. Another debutant Dennis Clarkson also looked totally at home with a win on his first game. John Moore (17.44) had been in the venue 10 hours and it was no surprise that he struggled and lost 2-3.


Pat J Smith (18.48) opened up the Sunday for the third match in a row but lost in a real classy opener. Claire Stainsby (LOM 18.56) won at a canter and only missed doubles cost her a 20+ average.  Gail Carhart (15.82) was disappointed in a 2-3 defeat before Marie Bulmer (12.96) won her first match of the season again missed doubles headlining the match.

Marlene Huby (18.22) missed tops to beat Maggie Sutton as Middlesex were warming up for fight back though Shirley Witten (LOM 18.56) ended any thoughts with a joint Lady of the Match performance to level up the spoils.

County has many memories for players and many who played today won't forget that they were a leg away from a 12 nil whitewash.

Tony Eccles (23.48) missed Double 10 for 31+ average and then proceeded to miss double after double ending up with a educed winning average. Simon Craven (22.10) finally got back to winning ways before Peter Maw (21.47) checked out on 108 for a tight 3-2 win.

The next game was worth the entrance fee alone as Vern Shepperd from Middlesex hit 4 maximum 180s and a 30.70 average and still lost to an inspired Ken Dobson (30.12) who showed everyone why he is in the A Team and why he is one of the best players to ever wear that Cleveland shirt.

How to you follow that ? .... Allan Edwards (MOM31.72) who could not hide his disappointment last match after his 21 game and 2 season unbeaten was broken - But he proved what a real star he is with this massive Man of the Match performance much to the delight of the knowledgeable crowd.

Glenn Brooksbank (23.12) is the quiet man of Cleveland but his record stands up for itself as the likeable player whitewashed his opponent. Richie Corner (21.20) was not at his best but was still good enough to Cleveland Men's A 7 nil up.

Paul Brough (21.99) fought his heart out and come through a tough '5 legger' before team-mate Mick Evans (23.43) playing against his old county would another exciting encounter ... and yet again by that 3-2 scoreline.

Player of 2011/12 Peter Frewer (23.76) continues to impress and remains unbeaten this term this time winning 3-1

Glen Durrant (30.06) fresh from his Jersey Open win and 9 darter last week looked at ease with a third 30+ average of the day

If there is one player you would want to win Its Collin Foxton (23.29) who has played his part in providing a home set up that we are all proud of - he was once again first in the venue setting up his camera work - He sat at the front desk making sure every dart was witnessed at close range to the spectators. He was also suffering problems with his knee all day and to see him lose 2-3 was heartbreaking - But every A Team player went up to 'Foxy'  to show him their appreciation which I know was well received.

To conclude it was a stunning 29-10 win for Cleveland but with so many 3-2 wins the score flattered the home side though of the flip of that coin it showed that the squad has real bottle in that final leg.

Cleveland will be taking the squad to Sussex in January

Can I take this opportunity to wish all a Happy Christmas and a darting New Year.

Gloucestershire v Cleveland

Away day success for Cleveland

With a big opening day win under the belt, Cleveland hopes were high as they travelled to Gloucestershire with the knowledge that they had an excellent unbeaten record against their rivals going back to 1995

Margie Shannon (14.77) opened up proceedings but was unable to get that vital opening point. The North East outfit did not have to wait long as Molly Pywell (13.81) beat her experienced opponent. Jean Hagan (15.17) and Vee Page (14.05) both failed to register a leg confirming the task the Cleveland players had that weekend.

Cleveland ladies showed real determination as the ever improving Sharon Everett (14.86) continued her rise and Lady of the Match Tracy Marran (15.05) put the smiles back on the squad with superb wins to share the ladies b spoils.

Paul Quantrill (19.47) was disappointed not to put Cleveland in front for the first time before Bri Henderson (18.80) breathed a sigh of relief with a nip and tuck win. Rich Corner (22.43) playing in the B Team after missing the opening game cruised to a straight forward victory.

Scott Chatterton (24.62) was left frustrated as the in form Cleveland player lost to an inspired Man of the Match opponent to leave the match all square. Mac Chahal was always the better player but missed doubles had the team looking nervous but the experienced Chahal nailed the last leg decider.

Rich Oliver (21.91) will continue to learn lessons this season and was second best against a competent opponent. Chris Swales (23.08) moved into a 2-1 lead with a 118 checkout before the wheels come off losing by the 5 leg scoreline.

Cleveland went through a purple patch as Terry Agar (23.02) was involved in a cracking 5 leg winning match before Glenn Moody (25.84) put another point on the board with a gentle reminder to the selectors that he is ready again for the A team.

Rich Parkin (28.96) was sublime in his man of the match performance that included two maximums against a very capable opponent. Andy Huskinson (20.32) was unable to follow suit in a disappointing display.

Paul Jarred (20.59) ended the day with a comfortable win to make it two out of two for the Lazenby star.


It was a case of de ja vue as Pat J Smith(16.43) opened proceedings as she did last match and again got the Cleveland outfit up and running with a great win that included a 171 'maximum' on her favoured treble 19.

Claire Stainsby (20.97) was up next which usually guarantees a point but on this occasion she lost as her competitor gave a demonstration to all on how to finish.

It was a similar story to the day before as games three and four proved to be tough times for Cleveland as Marlene Huby (12.82) and Marie Bulmer (13.42) both failed to register a leg, however, both players went back to their seats and cheered on another wonderful lady of the match performance from Shirley Witten (21.47) who put on a demonstration of high scoring and dead eye finishing winning the match sinking double 5

Gail Carhart (17.28) rounded off the ladies weekend with another polished performance to leave the ladies all square at three games each

Cleveland now needed 5 points for the draw and 6 points to win the match overall.

Up first was the Captain, Tony Eccles (MOM 28.90) who set the tone and with better finishing could have finished with a massive average, but the win set the benchmark for the others to aim for.

Cleveland then went through 45 minutes of difficulty as John Hardman (22.58), Dave Hunter (22.54), Simon Craven (22.64) all lost to give Gloucestershire real hope for a fightback victory.

Hopes were high as Allan Edwards (24.43) got up to the oche against a very 'lively' player and shock was felt across the whole squad as Edwards lost his 2 year unbeaten run.  We all know what this unbeaten run meant to Allan who hopefully will now look back at what he actually achieved.

Glen Durrant (28.36) finally ended the rot to level up the match with the highlight being a 142 checkout by the England man.

Paul Brough (22.56) fought hard but lost to Gloucestershire number 1 player.

Cleveland mirrored again the day before as they hit that purple match once more as Ken Dobson (25.59) finally showed glimpses of what we all know he can do on that stage before the consistent and ever dependable Glenn Brooksbank (25.47) effortlessly cruised to a whitewash win.

The next game had everything with so much depending on the overall match and what lacked in real quality was offset by sheer drama as Peter Frewer (20.14) fought out a 5 leg win in a match that both players could and should of won. What a huge point it turned out to be to reach that 18 point mark giving Collin Foxton (22.26) the chance to win the match and secure those vital bonus points which he duly grasped with another last leg shootout victory.

The final match was possibly the best as Peter Maw (26.61) hit a maximum but just failed to win the umpteenth five leg thriller of the weekend.

There is a bit of break until the next match as Top of the Table Cleveland host Middlesex on the weekend of December 1st and 2nd.

Cleveland v Leicestershire

Dream Start for Cleveland

Cleveland have been a formidable side at home for the past few years, set off for their 2012/13 journey in great style beating a competent Leicestershire side who comfortably won the Division 4 title last year.

Cleveland where playing at a new venue. Thornaby Sports & Social Club is a superb place to play darts with a fantastic stage for players to showcase their tungsten talents. In the words of one Leicestershire official ‘I have played darts for 25 years and apart from an International Stage set up or the PDC Cleveland has the best set up I have ever seen’ – Praise indeed for the committee who have worked tirelessly the past few years. In 2008 we had under £200 in the bank and now we have a stage set up/cameras/IT/Venue to rival any premier side.

For all that was good about Cleveland darts the devastating news that Jean Baron had suddenly passed away four days before the match had a real effect on many of the Cleveland players. County darts has its critics but to watch Leicestershire players and Cleveland players come together in a mark of respect brought the two counties closer together. There was no Minutes Silence or Black Arm Bands instead her walk on music blared out as both teams stood up for an applause to the music. Both teams did a collection and raised £500 of which Cleveland County doubled to a staggering £1000. The generosity was appreciated by Jean’s family who attended the weekend. Players proudly wore a yellow rose during the weekend.

Cleveland ladies B looked the strongest team on paper for many years but the good-feel atmosphere in the Cleveland camp was dampened as Molly Pywell (13.33) lost the opener. Cleveland would have folded in previous years so it was fantastic to witness a run of five ladies wins as Tracy Marran (15.38) showed a real return to form.

It was fantastic to see Jean Hagan (LOM 17.68) back in a Cleveland shirt and she created the biggest cheer of the weekend with a superb Lady of the match performance. Margie Shannon (12.35) never lets her county down and won a real tight affair. Vee Page (15.34) made a welcome winning return to the county to make the ladies team stronger this year. Finally up and coming Sharon Everett (15.31) delighted the crowd with a fist pumping win for a sensational start to the season for the ladies team.

The Mens B team also started like a house on fire with quick-fire wins from the ever impressive Paul Jarred (24.03). People questioned the inclusion of Andy Huskinson (20.15) but his record for Cleveland is very impressive. Peter Maw (MOM 25.84) brought stability and experience to the team and looked very much the A team player he really is. Richie Oliver (20.11) is our top youth player and looked totally at home on the big stage. Glenn Moody (21.78) danced his way to victory and another real plus for Cleveland that the great man has returned to leave Cleveland 10-1 in front.

Leicestershire are a very good side with PDC players in their ranks with Prakash Jiwa up next for them and though Mac Chahal stayed with him Leicestershire started their fightback. Scott Chatterton (21.37) has been in great form and was disappointed with his display in defeat. Paul Quantrill (21.78) typifies the new Cleveland regime both on and off the oche and demonstrated his skills with a fine win but more importantly won the ‘Dance Off’ against his opponent much to the delight of the big crowd.

Debutant Bri Henderson (22.87) hit a maximum in a superb performance. With Terry Agar, Rich Parkin and Chris Swales to come the opportunity for a huge win was looming though the Leicestershire players had other ideas to win the final 3 matches.

HALF TIME Cleveland 12 Leicestershire 6

The Sunday crowd were looking forward to a continuation of the positive performances from the B squads though bad news about Glenn Brooksbank being too ill to play filtered through giving the opportunity to Peter Maw to return to the A Team

Pat J Smith (13.33) gave Cleveland the perfect start with a great opening win. Claire Stainsby (LOM 20.59) must be close to an England selection as she effortlessly cruised to another win and a 20+ average. Marie Bulmer (15.65) looked sublime but could not get over the winning line – Marie had spent weeks/months in getting the venue ready for the day and all players were willing her to sink the winning double but lost 2-3.

Gail Carhart (13.02) was not her brilliant best in a disappointing defeat. Marlene Huby (13.64) was up against the Leicestershire Number 1 and lost 3-0. Shirley Witten (18.62) ignored a few personal issues and a 2 nil scoreline to demonstrate the fightback a Manager requires for a brilliant 3-2 win.

Ladies ended 3-3 to leave scoreline Cleveland 15 Leicestershire 9

2011/12 Player of the season Peter Frewer (26.37) was in awesome form to give the Mens A Team a dream start. Paul Brough (23.86) did what he had to for a whitewash win. Mr Cleveland Simon Craven (20.75) simply did not get away with the stage set up and in particular the lighting that the committee will have to look into. Dave Hunter (21.31) fought hard in a scrappy match to win 3-2.

Up stepped Allan Edwards (MOM 27.33) on an amazing 20 match and 2 season unbeaten run to seal another 3-0 Man of the Match performance and again I hope the England selectors are monitoring his progress.

Newly appointed Team Captain Tony Eccles (27.18) was up against PDC star Jim Walker and was a comfortable winner. All eyes were on debutant John Hardman (22.48) who made the switch from County Durham though he was disappointed to lose against their Man of the Match player.

Collin Foxton (25.47) was surprisingly good after being unable to practise all day due to a health issue but when the adrenalin kicked in ‘Foxy’ was in top form for a great win. Mick Evans (22.93) is always involved in tight games but so often comes out on top and once again followed suit for another last leg shoot out win.

Peter Maw (21.47) made it the double to put the Mens A team 8-2 up. Kenny Dobson (24.41) also struggling with his health lost a game he could have won but also seemed to struggle with the lighting.

Glen Durrant (23.12) sealed victory with a 3-0 win but his performance did not meet his high standards.


A fantastic weekend in tribute to a wonderful Jean Baron who did so much for Cleveland County and I hope she proudly watched the performances of the players as the weekend was dedicated to her

Leicestershire were a fantastic county and very respectful. The stage is 95% right and the club has agreed to look at the camera work and the lighting but Cleveland certainly are on their way up but face a very tough first away game to Gloucestershire who also gained 27 points. But for now Cleveland sit proudly at the top of the league.