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To book AWAY match HOTEL and BUS.

 Contact Liz Knowles Tele: 01642 881198 / 07775 551204 E-Mail:

  If your Name isn't on the list for a room. and you are going to the Worcestershire Match.

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Worcestershire 21st/22nd April 2018 12 Twin £33pp, 12 Double £33pp, Singles £54 Southcrest Manor Hotel, Redditch
First Name Surname Room Type Double/Family/Twin Coach Pick Up
Jean  Hagan Twin 1 Depot
Ginny Whittaker Twin 2 Thornaby
Amy  Thomas   Car
George Gethin Twin 3 Thornaby
Steven Small   Thornaby
Allan Edwards Twin 4 Thornaby
Peter Frewer   Thornaby
Mark  Dawson Twin 5 Thornaby
Davy Hunter   Thornaby
Tony Mandry Twin 6 Thornaby
Mick  Thornhill   Thornaby
Simon Oconnor Twin 7 Thornaby
Francis Eden   Thornaby
Brian Henderson Twin 8 Thornaby
Paul  Jenkins   Thornaby
Sean Spayne Twin 9 Thornaby
Jacob Cooksey   Thornaby
Ste  Ray Twin 10 Thornaby
Terry  Carline   Thornaby
Graham Palmer Twin 11 Thornaby
Dan Dinning   Thornaby
Liz Maw Double 1 Thornaby
Peter Maw   Car
Luke  Etherington Double 2 Car
Natalie Witten   Car
Carly  Knowles Double 3 Thornaby
Sean  Jowers   Thornaby
Craig Hunter Double 4 Thornaby
Joyce Dunlop Double 5 Thornaby
Jimmy  Dunlop   Thornaby
Tonilee Boustead Double 6 Thornaby
Jonny Gardner   Thornaby
Shirley Witten Double 7 Car
Claire Stainsby Double 8  
John  Watson    
DRIVER Single 1 N/A
Carla Boyes Single 2 Thornaby
BUS ONLY