Maltby & District Invitation Darts League 2006-07








Wednesday 11th April 2007




Venue:  Linthorpe

Referee:  Paul Tweedy


I.Black, B.Langley, C.Corfield, J.Dykstra, B.Freeman (Lingfield Farm)


R.Smith, D.Simpson, L.Hill, J.Reid, D.Graham (Dormans Club)


S.Watson, B.Fowler, S.Freeman, A.Murphy (Grenadier)




Venue:  Stainton

Referee:  John Tinkler


T.Hillman, M.Robinson, B.Williams, B.Pugh, D.Reynolds (Apple Tree “A”)


P.Robson, G.Moody, K.Thomas, B.Conyard, H.Newburn (Linthorpe B)




Draw made by Brian Fowler of the Grenadier on 15/03/07




Team to consist of 4 players and 1 reserve (reserve is optional).  All members of a team must be registered with the same League team.  A match consists of 7 games, which will be played in the following order:-

                  1.    4 singles games, each of 501 up.

                  2.    2 pairs games, each of 501 up.

                  3.    Team game of 1001 up.

All of the above games to have a straight start finishing on a double (bull counts double 25).  Singles games to be drawn for as in League games and to be played as drawn.  This draw also determines the order of throw rotation in the 1001 team game.  A second draw must also be made immediately, to determine the order of the pairs games (pairs may be chosen).  Start of each game to be by throwing for 'nearest the bull' to decide who throws first, and the toss of a coin to decide who throws for the bull first.  All 7 games to be played where possible because trophies and awards still apply for "180" scorers 3 times and highest finish (record all over 110) as in the League.  No substitute is allowed once the draws have been made.  Although it is possible to win a match with only 3 players present ie. 3 individual wins and one pairs win, there must be at least 4 players from each team at the start of the match, otherwise the match will be lost.  All matches to be played on dates set down by the Secretary.  Only League registered players are allowed to enter.  All other League rules apply.

Note: If, when throwing for the bull, the dart of the person throwing bounces out, then another dart may be thrown until one remains in the board.  If on the other hand, the person throwing knocks their opponents’ dart out of the board, then that person who has just thrown will win providing their dart remains in the board.  If both darts are knocked out, then both players must throw again in the same order