Maltby & District Invitation Darts League 2006-07








Wednesday 2nd May 2007




Venue:  Parkway Social Club  

Referee:  Sam Gibbon





8:30 pm

D.Goodall, G.McMahon, P.Leadbitter (Endeavour)



S.Freeman, B.Fowler (Grenadier)

8:45 pm

T.Richardson, D.Graham, J.Reid (Dormans Club)



M.Purdy, P.McManamin

(Apple Tree "A")

9:00 pm

E.Allen, T.Smith,

G.Curtis (Linthorpe "A")



B.Freeman, B.Langley,

I.Black (Lingfield Farm)

9:15 pm

J.Tinkler, G.Cowling,

M.Ward (Stainton)


P.Allen, G.Badger





9:30 pm

Winners of match at 8:30 pm


Winners of match at 8:45 pm

9:45 pm

Winners of match at 9:00 pm


Winners of match at 9:15 pm



Draw made by Dave Reynolds of the Apple Tree "A" on 23/03/07




Each game comprises best of three legs, each of 501 up. Start and finish on a double (bull counts double 25).  In first and third legs, the toss of a coin decides who goes for bull first, nearest bull throws for double first.  Alternate pair throws for double first in the second leg.  Trophies are available for all 180’s scored 3 times, and highest finish, at the end of the season.

Note: If, when throwing for the bull, the dart of the person throwing bounces out, then another dart may be thrown until one remains in the board.  If on the other hand, the person throwing knocks their opponents’ dart out of the board, then that person who has just thrown will win providing their dart remains in the board.  If both darts are knocked out, then both players must throw again in the same order