Maltby & District Invitation Darts League 2006-07





The board to fixed so centre is 5ft. 8in. high.



Throw to be 9ft. 4½in. diagonally from bull to toe line.



Toe line to be clearly marked and must be toed.



Team to consist of seven players.



501 up, start and finish on a double, bull to count double 25, trebles to count when scoring.



All away darts.



Contestants for 7 games to be drawn for.  Games to start at 8:45 pm.  Draw to take place at 8:40 pm or before.  If players are not present at the time of the draw, the team captain can gamble that they may turn up and include their names in the draw.  The absent players must be present at the time they are due to play or they forfeit the game.  The order of play is at the discretion of the home team captain.



No darts may be re-thrown, only points remaining in the board at the time of retrieval to count.



A “throw” means three darts.



No player is allowed to play for more than one team in this League.



No transfers.



Protests against playing conditions must be made to the respective captains, and should be settled by them before play commences, as playing of a match presumes conditions are satisfactory.



Any other protests concerning matches must be made in writing to the League Secretary within seven days of the match being played.



Home team to send in result to the League Secretary by either post, e-mail or SMS text message, within five days i.e. results of matches played on a Thursday must be in by midnight on the following Tuesday.  When sending results by e-mail or text message, all result cards must be handed in at the next League Meeting, in order to validate registered players.



Home team to provide marker, away team to referee.  Scoring by subtraction method (chalk and board), so that number scored and number required for game is always shown.  Board to be fixed and visible to all players.  Referee is in complete control of the game and his decision is final.  Team captains are responsible for the decorum of their players.



Registration up till 31st October and number of players are unlimited.



Initial registration fee £20 per team irrespective of the number of players.



Any team playing an unregistered player will forfeit all points for the match and can be disqualified from the League.



All League matches to be played on Thursdays.



All players registering do so on the understanding that they agree to abide by these rules.



Cups to be awarded to winners and runners up.  Awards will be made to all “180” scorers three or more times, and the highest game finish during the season.



Now included in Rule 23.



Unlimited entries can be made for the following cup competitions; individuals, pairs, triples and four man competitions.  Entries to be handed in on the date decided by the League Secretary.  All charged at £2 per entry.



The Committee is in complete charge of this League and have the power to add to, or alter any of the rules.  The “Committee” consists of a representative from each registered team at the time of voting.



Any team that does not have a representative present at any League Meetings will be levied with a fine of £5, apologies or any other reasons will not be accepted in mitigation against this fine.  Failure to send a representative to two League Meetings during any one season will require re-election to the League the following season.  The final decision to take this step will be at the discretion of the three League Officials.



The board to be declared open at 8:15pm and that when two players are named and called to the board, they are the only players at the board.



If a team does not have a player of County status, then only one County player may be registered and no further County players may be brought in.  However, if a team does have a player of County status, and any other player or players in that team get selected to play for a County, then all those County players may continue to play for that team for as long as they wish.  The term “County status” means having played for any County during the past five years.



For all chargeable competitions, fees must be handed in at the time of handing in entry forms, otherwise entries become void.



A request to re-arrange a match (League or Cup) must be made no later than 24 hours before the match is scheduled to start, otherwise the match will be forfeited.



Amendments or additions to League Rules must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary before the start of the AGM.  These proposed changes will be discussed at the AGM, and left for consideration until Meeting No. 1 two weeks later, whereupon a vote will be taken to decide the outcome of the proposed rule changes.  In the event of a voting tie, the League Chairman will have the casting vote.  No further changes can be included during Meeting No.1



League Table positions will be decided based upon the following.  The highest total points, followed by the least number of games played, followed by the highest away points.