Cleveland Darts Organisation

Art and Darts


Noel E Williamson

We've written prose - we've written verse,
And dabbled somewhat in all arts,-
But still, you know - we've never been
So keen on anything as darts!

We polish up our prose and rhymes, -
And hope to get them all in print -
Then practise with our old brass darts,-
(We can't buy tungstons, as we're skint!)

You never know, maybe some day
a tungston set will come our way -
if we ignore all inhibitions
And go in for the competitions!

Some have done so recently, -
With some success, - you will agree!
For they received their tungstons free!
From "Darts World" - for their poetry!

(And I must add - it wasn't me!)

Published with permission of Darts World


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