Cleveland Darts Organisation
Dear Father Christmas,
David L Keatley

Please give me Eric's arrogance,
The glitter of Bobby G,
And give me the pride of Leight,
and his side from the Principality.
Give me John Lowe's unflinching eye,
And the tons of the 'Ton Machine',
And give me the chance of a victory dance
in the arms of the fair Maureen.
Give me wee Jocky's jolly style,
and Billy's consistency,
And spare me dartitis, D.T,'s and arthritis,
And kink of the world I will be.
But last, Father Christmas, one urgent request,
That will touch other players hearts,
I'll forego all that fame if you'll give me the name,
Of the swine who has stolen my darts.

Published with Permission of Darts World

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