Cleveland Darts Organisation

                              by Stephanie Barker

"Match on's", been called for the game to begin,
It's two games all, we need this one to win.
I'm stood at the oche, all ready to throw,
'Cause now is the time to put on a show.

The first's in treble twenty, the second as well,
The third bounces out, Oh! What the Hell!
My mate hits a maximum, to leave 201,
A good score from me and the game's almost won.

Sixty and sixty and then fifty-seven,
It leaves twenty-four, we're almost in heaven.
She stands at the oche, and is now taking aim,
Double twelve's all that's needed to win the game.

With the first two she covered it, it scares me to death,
The whole room's gone quiet, I'm holding my breath.
Good arrows partner, we've won the cup,
Then I hear a voice shout, "It's time to get up!"


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