Cleveland Darts Organisation

The Manchester Board

The first time I saw one, I murmured, "Oh!Lor"!
When playing on this, how the heck do you score?
No trebles - the doubles are narrow, indeed -
The Bull's a minute one - how can I succeed?
The numbers are jumbled, the boards changed it's face,
Where's twenty? - I see that four's taken it's place!
Sixteen is right on the opposite side,
So is twelve, and above it, eight have I spied!
Nineteen's the only one in it's right spot!
I'd heard it was different - but not such a lot!"
When you throw on a 'clock' board you know where you are,
But the 'log-end' IS different, sir - different by far!
Someone said," Here, we play 'Round the board'-
Up to twenty - then, the first double scored
you throw for again, and finish on 'bull'!"
(And, you can believe it - this game is not dull!!!)
Yet, after a few games, I knew where I was,
And got round the board without very much fuss!
When next on a standard board I had a throw,
I couldn't go wrong with my scoring, you know!
There's one fact that emerges, of which there's no doubt -
"If tha' scores on a 'log-end' - then tha'll score on owt!"

Published with Permission of Darts World


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