Cleveland Darts Organisation

The Master Dartsman
(A tribute to the late Joe HITCHCOCK)

He was known as "The Marathon Marvel",
And 'Britains No 1', -
If you wanted a exibition,
He could give you one old son! -
Knock a pin from a match
held between the teeth,-
The ash from a cigarette,
With darts or nails! -
(if there was one better, -
I haven't seen him yet!)
A shirt button or tablet from the tongue,
He would remove with ease,
his prowess on the board was such
as never failed to please,
'The Treble Twenty Wizard'
Was a favourite nickname too,
The opponents who won
at three thousand and one
Were very, very few!
A natural showman, too, was he,
With a joke between the throws;
And he did a great deal for charity,
As everybody knows.
He'll be sadly missed in the world of darts,
By players like you and me,-
Truely, a Master Dartsman, -
All who knew him must agree!

Published with permission of Darts World


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