Cleveland Darts Organisation

Top Score
By: Jeffrey THRIFT

One hundred and eighty's a wonderful sound,
To score it is well worth buying a round.
Especially for those like me and old Claud,
Who think we've done well to get three in the board.

We step up to the line with our darts in our fist,
we take careful aim, but somehow we've missed.
The spot that we aimed at, that's always the trouble,
we get them all on, but we can't get the double.

And we get off, with a fluke double four,
Old cloud takes the chalk to work out the score,
The way he does that is the funniest part,
At the end we need more than we did at the start.

But we play every week at the old "Holly Tree"
Sometimes he wins and sometimes it's me,
And we drink up our pints and it's all very matey,
As we dream of that score of one-hundred-and-eighty.

Published with Permission of Darts World


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