Cleveland Darts Organisation


We've missed the train, we've missed the bus,
we've missed the evening post!
We've missed the stop, and missed the stair -
we've missed the morning toast!

Now, there are many things we've missed -
our cup of woe is full!
When we've played on the dartboard,
We've often missed the bull!

We've missed the finish - "double top ",
and tons we should have scord,
when throwing for a double,
we sometimes missed the board!

We laugh when a lady player
puts one near the chalker's nose,
(though we should treat more soberly
such incidents as those!)

We've missed a good deal, in our time,
but, let me tell you, brother,
when playing darts, it can't be bad
that we have missed each other!

Published with permission of Darts World


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