Cleveland Darts Organisation
Definition of a Sportsman

Is one who...
   Plays the game for the game's sake.
   Plays for his team and not for himself.
   Is a good winner and a good loser.
   Is modest in victory and generous in defeat.
   Is chivalrous towards a defeated opponent.
   Is unselfish and always ready to help others become proficient.
   As a spectator, applauds good play on both sides.
   Never interferes with referees or judges, no matter what decision.

Poetry of Darts

Possibly more than any other organised sport,
darts has been the inspiration of amateur poets.

It's the Finish that counts
The Super Girls
The Darters Prayer
Take it Steady
Are you active, Captain?
The Dream Match
A game of skill
 Art & Darts
Dear Father Christmas
 Manchester Board
 The Master Dartsman 
Top Score 
The Love of the Game